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Phillip Thomas, BA is a world renowned motivational speaker, author, educator, pastor and businessman. His style is practical, thought provoking with high-energy. His words continue to impact thousands of people in several countries across the world through his significant social media presence and by speaking on major platforms to thousands in attendance at anyone time. His aim is to improve lives where ever he's heard.

As a Director of Influence, Phillip has overseen various investment acquisitions. Phillip heads profit and nonprofit organisation. This has allowed him to be a consultant and advisor to business owners and organisations.

Phillip's spiritual walk, tenacity and drive are the perfect example of his book entitled "Enjoy The Journey" a book that explains how to be content without being complacent and how to enjoy life to its fullest!

Drawing from his own personal experiences as they relate to homelessness, growing up in poverty the absence of his biological father, social struggles and various other obstacles, Phillip allows his life to bean “open book” from which radiates dynamic and inspiring messages that relate to many people across all strata.